Why should you buy a BMW 323i ?

As you might know, both Christophe and I are (amongst other brands) BMW owners. I am a vivid fan of the 02 and the e21 is its successor. Where BMW made a successful move towards more affordable, yet well-trimmed, sporty saloons (like f.e. Alfa Romeo, another great brand) with the 02, the e21 went further down that alley. The design was bold with the angular kidney and the beautiful lines running over the hood of the car. It set the tone for what would be one of the most successful series of BMW till present; the 3-series.

Next to the slick nose the back section talks the talk and the 6-cylinder engine (released in 1977) in the 323i makes it walk the walk. With 144 standard bhp this engine and a lot of torque this engine overcomes its increase weight. Next to this the 323i was fitted with the Recaro seats and, as it is tail happy in wet conditions; they give you the perfect feel of the car you need.

Why should you buy this BMW 323i ?

This cute little pocket rocket looks the works with the Alpina rims and steering wheel. The Alpina decals that trim the side of the car are up for debate, but they can be removed upon new owners’ discretion. The perfectly restored Alpina wheels with their sturdy tyres do not only look well balanced, they also make the car stick to road. The sunroof adds some versatility while obtaining the stiffness of the monocoque chassis.

The engine was prepped to add some horses to the already vibrant stable. The car is well maintained, and it comes with the original service book that has been stamped until 120.000km when the car was still with its Swiss first owner. It is clear was treasured and only taken out in pleasant weather to be enjoyed carving its way through the mountains.

Overall, a very well maintained car at a reasonable price, ready to be driven. Just the way we like, them… ready for their next classic car story.

Why is this BMW 323i in our car range ?

We sell what we fancy or would add to our collection ourselves and the E21 is definitely on our list. The BMW 3-series was launched with this model, and even though the E30 is much more common ‘knowledge, we truly adore the lines of the E21. The car is ready to go and fun to drive which is a CCS-prerequisite off course. When the owner called us and announced it was a 323i the both of us were already triggered, but the subtle tuning that was done to the engine is just what we would do ourselves if we would set our minds to marrying only one classic car.

It is sporty enough to make your wife scream her lungs out while you drive it [squeaking tyres] through the Alps full throttle. But behaved enough to make her put her legs out of the window while cruising down the French Riviera. The sound is simply perfect, and the sunroof is the cherry on the pie.

Come and see this car for yourself, it is just drop dead gorgeously proportioned. If you call us, we have coffee ready in no time and when the weather provides, we are happy to take you out for a spin. Let the car do the talking!

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Alpina look
Matching numbers
Cilinder inhoud
Aantal cilinders
5 speed manual
Silver Grey
Black (recaro)