Why should you buy a Peugeot 205 CTI

The 205 was the first cabriolet made by Peugeot after the production stop of the 504 in 1984. Pininfarina got the assignment to redesign the 205 into a cabriolet with minimal structural impact on the chassis. The 205 was the car that needed to get Peugeot-Talbot back on track and to take up the competition with the successful Renault R5. And boy did Pinin friends do a good job. The 205 was declared car of the decade (eighties) by Car Magazine and was European car of the year in 1984. In 1984 the GTI is launched and in 1986 the cabriolet is launched. The CTI combines the best of both worlds and gets the GTI goodies under the hood with the cabrioletlooks. You know we love our 80’s hot hatches and the wind in our hair so the CTI is the ultimate combo. With a rollbar to keep the chassis rigid and the drive safe you can take full advantage of the good power to weight ratio.

The 205 is also the car that saved Peugeot from bankruptcy, it was the car that led Peugeot into a new era and is nicknamed the ‘sacré numéro’ (sacred number). Look up some of the commercials of that time and you will get why it strikes a chord for so many.

Why should you buy this Peugeot 205 CTI

As they are driver cars that are suitable for family drives they might have been worn out and smutthered with biscuits and squashed fruit. This one , however, escaped that cruel faith and is actually in excellent condition. With almost 180.000km on the clock you see it has been taken care of by its previous custodians.

The electrical cabrio top, is easy to open and closes in a few seconds making it suitable for climates that host 4 seasons in one day. The car shines in the lovely ‘Rouge Vallelunga’, has no rust and the interior still is in very good condition. The interioir that looks very similar to the GTI one is very 80’ies and has a lot of plastic. In cabriolets they have the tendency to crack (exposure to the sun) or squeak so loud you cannot hear your kids in the back having a quarrel. Well none of that with the CTI we selected here. The current owner is a passionate collector and took good care of his ‘sacré numéro’. He has decided it is time to part of this beauty because he has set his eye on something else. He is reluctant to let this little red cabriolette go so take your chance before he changes his mind.

Why is this Peugeot 205 CTI in our car range

We are enthousiasts for hot hatches of the eighties. And we sell what we fancy ourselves and this CTI could be an addition to our own collection anyday. The Peugeot 205 GTi was a real opponent for the absolute classic hot hatch the Volkswagen Golf GTi and the Renault R5. All cars that created a new market in the crowded B segment.

Off course a GTI is a beautiful car, but the versatility of the CTI is not matched by its muscled sibling. This open top hot hatch is easy and enjoyable to drive for both you and the misses. When the sun peaks through the clouds you have the top down in no time. It is not too big so it fits into your garage easily and due to the injection the house does not smell like petrol. Due to its reliability it could serve as a weekend get-away car as well. Getting an ice cream with the kids has never been more enjoyable. Is it obvious we have pitched this car at home as well?

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Cilinder inhoud
Aantal cilinders
5 speed manual
Rouge Vallelunga
Black / Red