Why should you buy a Porsche 944 S?

The Porsche 944 S is a modern car, it is reliable, fast (190 HP) and easy to handle. As a successful model, production numbers are fairly high. With a fair number of of cars still on the road, spare parts (original, after market or 2nd hand) are easily found. One of the reasons,  why 70 % of all Porsche ever produced, are still on the road. Next to the exquisite roadgoing qualities of this Grand Tourer. Being produced from 1982 till 1991, this Porsche puts its engine in front and the gearbox behind the rear axle. This results in a very sturdy car with a perfect weight equilibrium and thus great road capabilities.

Although prices are going up, they remain value for money. A lot of bang for the buck and it comes with the quality and performance of all Porsches.

Why should you buy this Porsche 944 S

The 944 S with 190 HP is relatively rare, this one is n° 86 out of 4.144 produced in 1986. The 944 S is in a very good condition, has no rust, is mechanically sound and the interior preserved very well. Paintwork shows its years with some stone chips here and there, but is not worn. This 944S has all the characteristics to make it a perfect candidate as a daily driver.

With just under 150.000 kms the car can run for years to come. It has a ‘targa’-roof that you can take off to enjoy the open air. So for the money you actually get a sportscar that drives as sharp as a knive and a convertible with none of the squeaks. We could have kept it for ourselves, but then again we already have one…

Why is this Porsche 944 in our range

The eighties cars have a special place in our hearts, and the Porsche 944 is an absolute icon of the period. The pop-up headlights, the big rubber spoiler, the ginormous trunk lid and the fine striping on its rear… It has an 80s vibe to it and, while Porschists might have their opinions about this transaxle, bottom line this is one well engineered car.

We, at Classic Car Stories, own, buy and sell cars because we love them and we value them as rolling heritage. We also believe that these cars have qualities that modern cars lack. They allow us to escape the ratrace of day-to-day life by creating a time capsule. They open doors and hearts, accommodate a setting that enhances connections and set the scene for one adventure at a time.

Therefore we see a Classic Car as a means of writing great Stories with your loved ones. And this 944S definitely is such a car. It is sporty and snappy to feed the thrill seeker in you. It makes you look over your shoulder as you walk away. The targa top is perfect to enjoy a sunny day while your wife’s hair turns into a mess. And to top it off this 2+2 car has a huge trunk and seat belts in the back. So it is the perfect car to take your family on a roadtrip through Europe. Enough Classic Car Stories ready to be written with this one…


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Cilinder inhoud
Aantal cilinders
5 speed manual
Nautic Met (LY5Z)
Black (partly leather)