Why should you buy a Toyota Celica Supra

We introduce you with a Toyota Celica Supra, a classic masterpiece that combines combines power, style, and a dose of '80s nostalgia. This automotive gem is powered by a robust 2.8-liter inline-six engine, boasting 161 horsepower, promising a driving experience that lingers in memory. The Celica Supra's iconic design elements, including the signature pop-up headlights, exude timeless elegance and curb appeal. Slide inside, and you're transported to a bygone era of motoring. Plush velour seats, an ergonomic cockpit, and a dash uniting analog and digital elements create an authentic '80s driving environment. The 5-speed manual gearbox places you firmly in control, inviting you to tackle winding roads or relish laid-back cruises. The 1984 Toyota Celica Supra is more than a car; it's a portal to the golden age of driving.

With its obvious straight (eighties) wedge design, this Gran Turismo, was created to compete with cars such as the Datsun ZX-series that dominated the Japanese and Northern American market. It might look similar, but back in the day the Toyota was quite exclusive with only 100 cars delivered per month for the UK market. And it might look similar to the Toyota Celica, but the stretched wheelbase allowed for the two extra cilinders that make this car drive as good as it looks.

Why should you buy this Toyota Celica Supra

Originally delivered in Sweden, this Supra comes with an extensive documentation and complete service history. The car is in a superior condition as it was only taken for a spin when Scandinavion weather conditions allowed.

It is the Swedish version with the 5ME engine that features 140PS and the has a P-type bodykit (P for 'performance').

Dressed in the stylish colour Gloss Black it seems as if Michael Knight hooked up with the Japanese designers of this vintage gem to ditch his horribly handling Trans Am. The car looks muscled yet refined in this below the radar colour. As you approach, you'll appreciate the glossy paint that accentuates the few shiny details such as the 8 spoke alloy wheels that set off great with the all black car.

As you open the door your eye cannot miss the spotless velour seats that hark back to the car's heyday. The original dashboard retains its authentic charm, completing the '80s driving experience. Under the bonnet, the engine purrs with precision, maintaining the reliability and performance that the Celica Supra is known for. This car elegantly combines style and substance, promising a driving encounter that stands the test of time. While your fingers search there way over the dash you encounter Japanese quality; everything works and is just part of the very cool cockpit of this awesome car that drives lovely with under 150.000 kms on the clock. When you switch on the contact, the digital dashboard lights up and the lush grey/green interior that looked a bit over the top before now makes total sense.

Sometimes we get the request to sell cars that, at first glance, do not float our boat. But we have been proven wrong in the past so we stay humble and are open to be amazed and that is just what happened here. The last owner is a passionate collector with a particular lust for Volvo’s. Things got out of hand and he ended up cheating on his first love with a Japanese imported from Sweden. But we got it straight away when his Celica Supra 2800 GT appeared on our drive-way. He does not regret this little passage, but he will focus once again on his initial marital bond.

Why is this Toyota Celica Supra in our car range

Nicolas and myself have a very different taste. I am an enthousiast for hot hatches of the eighties. On my cue we have bought and sold several Volkswagen Golf Gli’s, a Opel Corsa GSi, a Volkswagen Scirocco GTX and we have a Peugeot 205 CTi and GTi on offer today. We respect each others opinions when they differ, but when this car rolled onto the driveway the both of us were smitten. . We always say that these cars have qualities that modern cars lack. They allow us to escape the ratrace of day-to-day life by creating a time capsule. And when we saw this car, it did just that. The dashboard is just such a cool thing, as cool as that of an Aston Martin Lagonda, but this one works.

We see a Classic Car as a means of writing great Stories with your loved ones. And even though you might have an initial argument about if this car is cool or hideous, we promise you, she will get it in the end.


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Celica Supra
2800 GT
Matching numbers
Cilinder inhoud
Aantal cilinders
5 speed manual
grey / green