Why should you buy a Triumph TR3a

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The Triumph TR3a is one of the most succesful models Triumph produced back in their heyday. And still now a TR3(a) is a desirable car for classic (endurance) rallies, so when we go out and drive a rally ourselves a TR3 is most likely part of the participants field and we must admit that it is an intriguing car to us. Even back in the day the TR2, TR3 and TR3a were raced by an official works rally team. They are easy to maintain and drive with their torquey engine that supplies you with all the power you need to have a blast. With a stable price evolution over the past decades, their ease of maintenance, an abundance of spare parts and a very specific driver experience we get why this car is the model of choice for so many, both beginner and veteran classic car enthusiasts.

To conclude we quote the buying guide of the Beverly Hills Car Club; “If you find an example in good mechanical condition, it will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Comfortable and fun to drive, the Triumph TR3A is a perfect automobile for a weekend cruise and attracts a lot of attention at any car show.”

Why should you buy this Triumph TR3a

One of the criteria when we add a car to our showroom is the fact it should be a driver car, though well cared for. And this car checks those boxes. The owner is a fan of English cars and next to a Jaguar XJS and a XK150, both very distinctive pieces of English heritage that serve completely different means, but we get why they were accompagnied by a TR3a. The car offers you all the thrills you look for in classic car custodianship. It is a well proportioned little machine that offers a very period correct experience that not many other cars can offer. It enjoyed a restoration in 1995 (of which a vast array of pictures are part of the cars documentation) and it still looks fresh. The current owner addressed all the English flaws a car of this period can have by installing a 123 ignition (electronic), an electronic fuel pump and all the perks like a Brantz 2 rallytripmeter to enjoy it at its fullest in classic rallyes. We choose the car because it stands out, with its non original white colour it really appeals to the eye in a way we think the original Old English White would not have pulled of. This specimen is well taken care of and is presented in a hick-up free state which will add to the driver pleasure of its next keeper.

Why is this TR3a in our car range

As you know we are avid classic car rally fans and a decent rally surely has some TR3(a)’s in its competitors field. We always wondered why you would add the hardhips of driving an open car in a rally competition, but we get it now. This little love machine offers a thrill we have not yet experienced in other cars. The engine has a torque rev band and can be driven fast when you put your back into it, but the open experience with the symphony of the perky fourcylinder on the background and the feel of rearwheeldrive with leave springs in the back do offer something that is easy to enjoy but difficult to put into words.

The car is in very good condition (note 2 overall in the taxation report), has quite some history and is reasonably priced. A taxation report from 2022 puts the value of the car at 37.000 €. Therefore we think the asking price of €29.500 is more then fair for the next owner to take up the baton and subscribe to his/her first classic car rally event. One thing is assured in this little British roadster, you will have a blast!

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Matching numbers
Cilinder inhoud
Aantal cilinders
Manual 4-speed (no overdrive)
White metallic (non original colour)
Red Skai, black carpets